The world of online casino gaming is undoubtedly a very competitive marketplace where a host of brands are vying for attention.

One of the latest to step into this area is 888poker, which has launched a mobile app designed to allow poker players to get involved in games while on the move.

But in this crowded market, does it have what it takes to succeed?

As you would expect, 888poker has created the app to be compatible with all major devices, which means you have your pick as to whether it is downloaded onto an i Phone or Android phone or even a tablet.

Upon registering and entering the app you are greeted with several options.

You can choose from three different types of poker – Snap, Blast and Classic – and can also switch settings from playing with ‘Real Money’ to ‘Play Money’.

This latter option is obviously ideal if you’re keen to warm up your skills before getting stuck into the real thing.