В тази игра имаме една добре позната ни стара и много интересна нинтендо игра. Събирахте бонусите и не позволявайте на никой да застреля вас или птицата ви.

Играта се играе: първия играч с "W" "S" "D" "A" за движение и "J" за стрелба.

втория играч със стрелките за движение и "Ctrl" за стрелба.

Monthly Special: Save $5.00 off the price shown below thru June 30, 2017.', BALLOON, true, ABOVE, true, JUMPHORZ, true, OFFSETX, -17, WIDTH, 240, FADEIN, 400, FADEOUT, 400, FONTCOLOR, '#000000' )" onmouseout="Un Tip()"/The first sign of their appearance are the billowing dust clouds, and then over the horizon the low, ugly shapes are visible.

Gears whine as turrets traverse, zeroing in on the lead elements.

Seconds seem to turn into minutes as the final adjustments are made, as the platoon whispers a prayer and everyone waits. The first vehicle crosses the designated point of action and the countryside erupts in flashes of flame and smoke.

High velocity shells scream across fields and slam into their targets, turning what were once vehicles into burning hulks of metal and flesh.