All Stars is a new promotion which is about to launch, which claims it will find the best No Limit players on the planet.

Speaking on the Poker Stars Blog, Severin Rasset commented that this promotion was in response to the edges in cash games getting increasingly smaller.

The new promotion is set to let the best players compete in a rake free environment, in the following conditions: Clearly this is a promotion also with railbirds in mind, and players will have their hands shared for Poker Stars to create content around.

Eligible players will be contacted in due course with the promotion expected to start in April.

@amigal You can play Pokerstars for real money on Android.

You just have to download it from the Poker Stars website and not the play store.

(In the play store there is a app which is play money only. has a native poker application (available for download on its site) but it requires bitcoins to play.